CRM & ERP Solution

for MSL-Sports

CRM & ERP Solution

for MSL-Sports

The beginning

As a small start-up company, you must take care of many things. Generating customers, advertising, the logo, realising the first projects, a website, social media and many other “little things”.

The organisation of customers and suppliers, the creation of offers and invoices can be done in Excel, Word or similar at the beginning.

It works, but you do not have links between the different information and documents.

What then?

However, as soon as the business grows, which is desirable, it is best to use a solution that simplifies the whole process.

This is exactly the point MSL-Sports had reached and we talked to the owners to find a solution together.

After some consultations, we proposed a packaged solution where we take care of the technical part, namely :








Simplified working

The ERP & CRM system we use simplifies the entire process for our customer, from creating a lead, to making an offer and later converting it into an invoice, to managing their stock.

This means that the customer can concentrate on his core business and we make sure that the system is up and running.

We thank MSL-Sports for their trust and are looking forward to a good and long cooperation.

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