Digital inventory

Inventory of 2 administrative buildings

Digital inventory

Inventory of 2 administrative buildings

The task

Our client needed plans showing the furniture in order to plan some relocations. The existing plans were not up-to-date, and the furniture was missing. So they had to be reviewed on site and the furniture had to be inventoried.

Furthermore, a list of the furniture per room had to be created, including one photo per piece of furniture.

Of course, the whole thing had to be done as quickly as possible.

Our solution

By using the mobile BuildingOne App it was possible to capture the rooms and furniture 100% digitally on site. Without a notepad and pen, but only “armed” with a tablet, all necessary information and photos were captured directly in the app and saved offline.

In the office, the rooms were adapted in ArchiCAD and the elements (furniture) were automatically created in the CAD by BuildingOne.

No searching for the right photos, no separate writing down of information in another programme or on paper. Everything is recorded centrally in the app and then the room book is simply created at the click of a mouse – that’s it!

The whole thing was done by one person in less than 3 weeks!



Area (m²)


Weeks (1 person)

100% digital process

On-site capture

The on-site capturing was made with the BuildingOne App. All information and pictures were immediately entered and saved in the app.

Automatic creation of CAD objects

The recorded elements were then automatically created in the CAD, where they were then positioned.

Room book

The room book was worked out with the customer. After importing the data from the app, the room book was created immediately with a click of the mouse.

Digital capture on site

Room book 1

Room book 2

This makes work fun!

I remember exactly what it was like when you walked through the rooms with a notepad, a pencil and a camera, sketched the room on paper, entered the dimensions, then drew the position of the furniture on the paper and noted the measurements. Then take photos of the room and the furniture, note the numbers of the photos so that you know which photos belong to which room.

Fortunately, that was yesterday!

Today you have everything you need digitally on your tablet and it’s fun!
You fill out the input forms and don’t risk forgetting a value. The photos are immediately connected to the room and/or the element. This eliminates sources of error and allows you to work faster and more efficiently.

Would you like further information?

Would you like further information?