BIM & BuildingOne

Use of BuildingOne in the BIM process:

Revolutionising the construction and facility management industry

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world within construction and building management, digitalisation plays a crucial role in increasing efficiency, improving collaboration and ensuring seamless communication between all project stakeholders. BuildingOne, an advanced software solution developed by OneTools, is at the heart of this transformation, providing architects, planners, engineers, facility managers, building operators and service providers with a robust platform specifically designed to support and optimise the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process.

Centralised data management

One of the key benefits of BuildingOne is its centralised data management, which makes it possible to store and manage all relevant information and documentation in one single location. This centralised database facilitates quick access to up-to-date data, specifications and other important documents. By minimising data redundancy and preventing information loss, BuildingOne helps to maintain the integrity of project information throughout the lifecycle of a building.

Bidirectional synchronisation with leading BIM software solutions

An outstanding feature of BuildingOne is the bidirectional synchronisation of data with leading BIM software solutions such as ArchiCAD, Revit and Vectorworks. This integration allows users to synchronise changes in real time between applications, ensuring a consistent and updated database across different software environments. This seamless connection between BuildingOne and other BIM tools facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration, reduces errors and increases productivity through a more efficient flow of information.

Digitalisation of construction and building management

BuildingOne is driving digitalisation in the construction and building management industry by providing a digital working environment that supports the BIM process. From conceptualisation and planning to operation and maintenance, BuildingOne enables stakeholders to create and use digital twins of their projects. These digital representations provide in-depth insights into the physical and functional characteristics of buildings, enabling more accurate planning, analysis and decision-making.

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM)

In addition, BuildingOne integrates Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) capabilities that provide facility managers and building operators with powerful tools to maximise the efficiency of their building management. By automating maintenance schedules, optimising room occupancy and improving energy efficiency, BuildingOne supports sustainable building management and helps to reduce operating costs and extend asset life.

An extract from the possible applications

Room and building book

  • All the necessary information about the rooms, the buildings and all the elements in them, always up to date and ready for retrieval
  • A room book is used during the planning phase and during operation
  • Add 2D and 3D views of the rooms and get a better overview

Maintenance and servicing

  • Create rule-based maintenance plans based on element characteristics and localisation
  • Take over maintenance elements from CAD (automatic reference to room, floor and building)
  • Provide your employees with a helpdesk / ticketing system

Fleet management

  • Keep track of all relevant data of your vehicles
  • Manage the costs of inspections and repairs
  • Link the vehicles with your employees

Workstation management

  • Find free workstations
  • You can define different types with different configurations
  • Calculate the used space per department based on the workstation occupancy

Cleaning planning

  • Quick determination and automatic adjustment of cleaning areas for calculations and tenders
  • Management of cleaning frequency / intervals
  • Coloured highlighting of cleaning areas and cleaning intervals in the plan and on door signs
  • Simple quality assurance and on-site inspection by scanning the QR code on the room with the BuildingOne app

Document management

  • Forget the stress of searching for the right document
  • Use the matrix to find your documents in BuildingOne
  • Create your own properties to simplify the search

Order management

  • Generate and send orders at the click of a button
  • Manage the associated costs
  • BuildingOne enables central administration of service providers (a connection to existing databases is possible)

Reports and dashboards

  • Personalise your reports yourself using the integrated report designer
  • With the help of reports and dashboards, you have all important data at a glance at all times
  • Reports can be saved to a variety of formats, including PDF, Word or Excel, or sent by email

Key management

  • Manage keys of all types (doors, furniture, windows, ...)
  • Wizard for ordering cylinders and keys
  • Digital signature when issuing and returning keys
    (save paper and space and protect the environment)


BuildingOne is a software solution that significantly supports the BIM process with its advanced functions such as central data management, bidirectional synchronisation with leading BIM software solutions, support for digitalisation and integration of CAFM functions. For architects, planners, engineers, facility managers, building operators and service providers, BuildingOne offers a comprehensive solution that not only improves collaboration and efficiency, but also makes a significant contribution to sustainability and cost control in the construction industry. At a time when the demands of construction and building management projects are becoming increasingly complex, BuildingOne is an indispensable resource that paves the way for a smarter, more connected and more sustainable future.

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