Inventory by OneTools Project

Inventories are not all the same

A recent inventory project

OneTools Project also offers the service of carrying out an inventory of your furniture and other equipment. Of course, we use our software solution BuildingOne for this.

We recently carried out such a project for a new client. The customer needed a list of the furniture and equipment in his offices and halls for accounting purposes.

Here are a few key figures of the project:


Area (m²)


Days (1 person)

Inventory ≠ Inventory

Inventories are not all the same. It always depends on the purpose for which the customer needs the inventory. For example, is it for accounting or is it to plan moves and keep the stock up to date?

These are just two areas of application.

To determine this, we talk to the client in advance about what is needed and then advise them on the best solution.

This can range from a simple Excel list to a SaaS solution to a complete installation of BuildingOne.Window, BuildingOne.Web and the BuildingOne.App.


Inventory by OneTools Project

Here are just a few possibilities of an inventory

Possibility 1

All relevant elements are recorded with the help of personalised labels. As a result, we provide an Excel list with the necessary information. This solution is well suited for an inventory for accounting purposes.

The data remains static until the next control inventory.

Possibility 2

In addition to option 1, a photo can be taken of the items during the inventory and instead of an Excel list, a report can be created containing all relevant information including the photo of the item.

The report is then delivered as a PDF file.

Here, too, the data remains static and is renewed during the control inventory.

Possibility 3

If you want to keep your inventory up to date between control inventories or manage your furniture stock yourself, but do not want to install any software, there is the possibility to use BuildingOne as SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that you can access your data at any time via the web and adjust it if necessary, move furniture to another room, add new furniture or delete old furniture.

The current lists and reports can then always be created from here as well.

Possibility 4

Using BuildingOne.Windows locally on your site, in combination with a 3D model.

This gives you the possibility to move furniture either on the plan or in BuildingOne and then synchronise the data accordingly in both directions. This way you keep your inventory and plans constantly up to date.

If new furniture is entered in BuildingOne, it can be created in the 3D model through synchronisation.

With the BuildingOne.App you can take the data offline and then do a control inventory. This is practical for areas where there is no network access.

Of course, it is also possible for us to take care of the creation or adaptation of 2D plans (dwg, pdf) on which the furniture is positioned as it is on site.

In BuildingOne 15 it is now possible to integrate 360° photos directly in the app. These photos are then automatically stored with the rooms and can be opened in BuildingOne.Windows and BuildingOne.Web with an integrated 360° viewer. This gives you an all-round view of the situation on site.

But BuildingOne is much more than just an inventory software! If you would like to see more applications of BuildingOne, please read on here, or contact us and we will arrange an appointment for a presentation.

It would be our pleasure!

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